A Ferguson CLE partner is looking to offer Mentorship, Training, Experience, or other contributions that ultimately invest int he future of the industry’s leaders.

In partnership with The Ferguson CLE and LifeRamp, they are looking to equip students with the knowledge and skills that will allow students to become graduates, graduates to become real estate leaders and real estate leaders to become philanthropists that will invest in the success of the next generation. 

At The Ferguson Centers for Leadership Excellence, we are looking for partners that are passionate about driving diversity, equity and inclusion into real estate and related sectors.

What is a Ferguson Partner?

"The Ferguson CLE has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. With invaluable resources like resume reviews, exclusive job boards, networking events, and enriching LifeRamp courses, I am grateful for the diverse opportunities and connections that being a Ferguson Fellow offers. These resources have played a pivotal role in aiding me in obtaining my first internship in the real estate industry." 

Jayson Guo, Emory University

"Being in this program has increased my confidence immensely and has allowed me to expand my connections with other students, industry leaders and professionals, and both people within and outside of my community, and for that I will be forever grateful for this experience early on in my CRE career." 

Elizabeth Rizk, University of san diego

“The Ferguson CLE Real Estate Fellowship has been transformative. As a change-maker, it provided me with a community rooted in mentorship, coaching, community, and professional development. The personal branding webinar inspired me to showcase my marketing skills on LinkedIn, opening doors to business opportunities. Confidence gained from coaching calls extends to feeling prepared for my upcoming summer internship. This fellowship has not only honed my skills but also fostered a supportive network, shaping my academic and professional journey. Grateful for this empowering experience.” 

Leona Thompson, Howard University

University Partners

Universities looking to be a part of recruiting efforts of the program. Benefits for universities also include improved academic and personal outcomes for a diverse student population through financial assistance and individualized support. 


Corporate Partners

Businesses interested in gaining access to a growing pool of diverse, highly qualified, well-trained candidates committed to the industry with the ability to meet investor demands by increasing diversity at the highest levels of company leadership. 


Donors passionate about creating opportunities for underprivileged
students to succeed in the field of real estate and related sectors.

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Who we are looking for

Donate by clicking on the link below, or reach out to Penny Ferguson for more information:

How to become a partner

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Email info@theclefoundation.org with questions or to set up an introductory meeting 

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