We strive to provide a comprehensive, supportive program that fosters leadership development, industry knowledge, and career readiness. It's our goal to create a more diverse and equitable future for the real estate industry and beyond.

Empowering students. Securing promising careers.

Let's make an impact, together. 

For Students

Build your career.

Whether you're a student looking to get into the real estate field or a potential University or Corporate partner looking to get involved with our foundation, we can point you in the right direction.

For Partners

Shape the future.

An educational program that helps racially, ethnically and gender diverse students earn undergraduate degrees and secure promising careers in real estate and related sectors.

This program has the potential to graduate up to 150 seniors from 25 colleges annually, to be hired across the industry. And up to another 1,200 ethnically diverse students will be promoted for part-time/summer employment.

Program includes:


The Ferguson CLE Program




Real estate is where you shop, where you live, where you go to work. However, the industry has not been lead by a very diverse group of leaders.

The efforts of the Ferguson CLE Program are oriented to the future. We ask ourselves the question: how do we make the real estate industry more visible to a broader group of potential leaders? 

By bringing diverse students into the pipeline and helping nurture them through their career paths to the point where they become the future leaders, we will help create a new and better world for the industry, as well as, a better world overall.  

Why Real estate?

Real estate touches every aspect of human life — so, why is it not represented by every walk of human life?

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